Lil Kim sued for $15 Million


The original Black Barbie’s money troubles just won’t end.

Legendary rapper Lil Kim is reportedly being sued by International Rock Star Corp., the group that supposedly helped her Anti-Nicki Minaj comeback campaign in 2011, for $15 million.

According to TMZ, the owner of IRS (we don’t make this stuff up) Andrew Ro says he signed a licensing deal with Kimberly Denise Jones ¬†in August last year with plans to release several new products including¬†perfume line, clothing line, vodka drink, energy drink, Steve Madden shoe line and a honey maker.

Ro claims that the “Hardcore” MC was “a menace to work with and often refused to come to project meetings unless she was being paid extra for her time” and made it difficult to to make the projects happen. Kim reportedly refused to promote the perfume upon its release and ignored the company’s calls. The pint-sized star later filed a cease and desist letter for all future projects with IRS then filed a lawsuit claiming the company tricked her into signing a bad licensing deal.

Ro fired back with a countersuit, saying Lil Kim “is the blame and her antics costed his company $15 million”.

This comes after music producer Bangladesh confirmed he cut ties with Lil Kim and her upcoming album due to financial issues.

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