Mary Mary Covers Ebony, Reveals Secrets


Just when you thought we’ve seen their lives behind closed doors through reality television, the platinum gospel duo Mary Mary opens more.

The Grammy winning sisters gave a rare, deeper insight into their private lives in the June 2013 issue of Ebony magazine. The pair talks about cheating husbands and their reasons for embarking on solo careers.

mary-mary-ebony-2013 - Copy

Tina on discovering her husband was having an affair:

“Once I became aware [of the affair], I initially wanted to kill my husband. I was considering adjusting the will, the living trust and all that kind of stuff. I did physically try to stab him. Several times. I never got to the point of physical harm, not really, but my words…my words hurt.”

Erica on husband going into the ministry:

“I feel like my husband has been called to minister. Now I said, ‘Lord, when I first started dating this guy he worked for Death Row Records, but he was from the church. That was a perfect combination for me: a little street, a little church.’”

The issue hits stands May 7th.

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