Rihanna 777 Tour Documentary Premiers Tonight


Last fall, mega pop star Rihanna embarked on a small week-long tour for 7 concerts in 7 countries in 7 days.

The tour was chronicled in a new documentary set to air tonight at 8pm ET on Fox. The infamous “Rihanna 777 Live” tour follows the singer on the journey along with hundreds of journalists and fans around the world on a Boeing 777, promoting the upcoming “Unapologetic” album. It also highlights all of the drama surrounding the events, including disturbances on the flight, waiting hours on the tarmac and streaking journalists.

“It’s already feeling a little brutal”, Rihanna tells the camera.

The Barbados siren reportedly refused to give journalists any interview time, at one point completely ignored them. The singer was also late for a couple of the shows.

Rihanna tells the critics, “I can’t please everyone.”

Peep the trailer below.

The documentary will also be available on DVD the next day, May 7th.


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