Lauryn Hill Given 3 Month Prison Sentence



The Tax Misrepresentation of Lauryn Hill has gone prison status.

L Boogie has been sentenced to three months in prison during a hearing in a Newark, NJ courtroom on Monday morning, just one day after paying more than $900,000 of the $1.8 millon in back taxes owed to the government. Her legal team said that would satisfy the state and federal tax liabilities. She had been facing a one year prison sentence on 3 counts of tax evasion charges. 

The 37-year-old Fugees star plead guilty to the charges last year and her attorneys had hoped to earn probation in order to avoid jail time. Hill currently has six children, five of them fathered by her then boyfriend Rohan Marley, son of the late Bob Marley.

Ten years ago, Hill checked out on reality due to the demons of the music business and had not paid any taxes in during the years of 2005 through 2007. She later claimed she also received death threats. During the hearing, Lauryn told the judge that she had always intended to pay but was unable to do so during her “hiatus” from the industry.

“I needed to be able to earn so I could pay my taxes, without compromising the health and welfare of my children, and I was being denied that,” she said. “I was put into a system I didn’t know the nature of. I’m a child of former slaves. I got into an economic paradigm and had that imposed on me,” she continued. “I sold 50 million units and now I’m up here paying a tax debt. If that’s not likened to slavery, I don’t know what is.”

Lauryn recently inked a deal with Sony and formed her new label Obverse Creation Music, through which she released the new track, “Neurotic Society“.

In addition to the three month prison stint, Lauryn has to undergo 3 months on house arrest followed by 9 months of supervised release. 

Ms. Hill has until July 8th to report to prison.

One response to “Lauryn Hill Given 3 Month Prison Sentence

  1. Wow! Talk about sentencing “over-kill”! Picking up on Sistah Lauryn’s comment of being the child of former slaves, check out the post on PTSS at BONDFIRES,org!-Izzie J

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