Wade Robson Calls Michael Jackson “Monster”, Accuses Molestation



The late King of Pop can never rest in peace.A former choreographer that testified during the Michael Jackson child molestation trial that he was never sexually abused by the superstar has now recanted his testimony.

Twelve years after the infamous trial and nearly 4 years after Jackson’s death, Wade Robson has come forward with allegations that MJ did in fact inappropriately touched him during times he slept over at Neverland Ranch as a teenager. Robson testified under oath that Jackson never touched him and that the thought of the possibility was “ridiculous”.

Now, Robson claims that for seven years, the late pop star sexually abused him and threatened him if he told anyone. He claims the reason for not filing any claims before was because he repressed the memories of the incidents. Until today, the memories “resurfaced” and he “broke down emotionally.”

By law, Wade Robson has basically admitted to perjury and obstruction of justice by lying on the witness stand under oath, which could lead to jail time for the once popular dancer.

Jackson’s estate have already dismissed the allegations, citing this as a ploy of a greedy need for money. Obviously, this guy most likely out of a job, broke and in dire need of extra cash.

You need more people, Wade!


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