Keyshia Cole’s Mom Has Some Words for Destiny’s Child



Keyshia vs Destiny’s Child seems to never end.Recently, once popular R&B singer Keyshia Cole‘s mother Frankie Lyons caught up with WRUG Radio at a Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta premier party and was asked about the drama surrounding her daughter and her beef with Destiny’s child.

Reality TV’s most favorite hood mom had a lot to say about the drama even though most of what she says doesn’t make a lick of sense. She does say that Keyshia loves the popular R&B group and claimed she meant no harm, that the controversial Super Bowl tweet directed at DC member Michelle Williams was a so-called “compliment” done out of “boredom”. Obviously, her reading skills aren’t up to par.

Frankie goes on to shout out and blow kisses to each member: “Shoutout to (kisses mic) Michelle, (kisses mic) Beyoncé…and what’s the other one name? THESE NUTS!” Nuts referring to Kelly Rowland.

This family has knows no couth. Peep the video:

Is there a permanent rehab facility for this foolishness?


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