Solange Covers Complex


Little girl Knowles is getting her face time.

Neo-soul R&B singer Solange takes the cover of the June/July 2013 issue of Complex Magazine. With her signature ‘fro and bright make-up, the Solo Star sizzles in her sexy colorful spread wearing bold fashionable color-blocking swimsuits and pumps to match.

Little girl Knowles talks about being independent and remaining true to her artistry, being teased in school, and her new independent label  and making it happen.

Solange also took to twitter to announce the news of her new label:

“Super stoked to announce I’ve started my own label,SAINT RECORDS,where I’ll be releasing my music & other projects distributed through SONY!

“Through Saint Records I will have 100% creative/artistic control & continue to passionately pursue my footing in this new musical movement.”

The eclectic performer has also dropped a full version of her song “Looks Good With Trouble“, now featuring hip-hop rookie Kendrick Lamar, which is available on iTunes.

Check out the photos from Solange’s Complex shoot below.

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complexsolange8 (1)complexsolange14 (1)


solangelead_junjul13 (1)complexsolange16 (1)


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